Select your Serene clubs

To get the most from your game, your equipment must match your needs.

Engineered specifically for women with slower swing speeds, the Serene family technology will help you hit the ball longer and straighter. Using a high-balance-point PING ULT 210D shaft, we were able to lengthen the driver shaft by one-half inch to 45 inches without adding to swing weight. As a result, you can swing a longer club at the same speed for greater clubhead speed and ball velocity, for more distance. With the driver (10.5º, 12º and 14º) you’ll discover new distance through high-launching, longer-carrying shots.

Likewise, the Serene fairway woods are easy to launch, and the highly forgiving iron/hybrid blended set will make you longer with every club. Four putter options and a fully accessorized bag in two stylish color combinations complete the package. Add PING’s industry-leading custom-fitting process and you’ll be hitting the ball longer and straighter than ever.